About issuing a password for Persona user

Thank you for using methinQs .

With Persona's service termination,
We will inform you that the flow issuing the password has been restored.

======== Issuing method ========

E-mail address registered when using Persona
Please fill in the e-mail address field of the following URL.

After pressing the login button with the password,
You can transition from the "Forgot password" link on the login screen.

Please refrain from the code displayed on the screen after input.

Since mail is sent from methinQs,
Please change to the URL described in that email and fill in the following items.

· E-mail address registered as a member
· The code you declined
·Password confirmation

If there is no problem in the contents of the input, the password will be updated and the screen will change,
Please login with the e-mail address at the time of registration and the password you input earlier.

Also, please use "Login with password" for next login.

Continue to thank methinQs.

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